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About Placesign

Placesign Studio Neon


Placesign® fundamentally changes the local-search user experience. Placesign is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed to collect and broadcast the true real-time, on premise status of the local business. It is the most advanced and scalable solution for local businesses eager to engage consumers and influence purchasing decisions.


Placesign was founded in 2011 by Alex Oliveira, formerly the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Localeze®, the leading provider of business listing data for companies such as Google®, Facebook®, Apple®, Microsoft® and Twitter®. As CTO, he and other members of the Placesign management team began to transform the local search industry from the inside out. The Placesign platform is the evolution of that vision and is completely aligned with the IoT revolution, which is projected to become a $19 trillion industry. In October 2013, Placesign was awarded a comprehensive US Patent as a device and system that provides current information for a geographic point of interest.


Placesign enables on premise devices, as simple as an employee’s smart phone, to continuously broadcast true real-time place status. The core signal is a digital existence pulse which delivers unmatched confidence to the consumer local search experience. Along with other signals such as Open/Close status, wait time, daily specials and product inventory, Placesign creates a device to device consumer experience like nothing available today.

Placesign Studio Neon


The first phase of Placesign real-time technology is already integrated with Facebook®, Twitter®, Factual® and Localeze®. We are ready and properly positioned to fully realize our vision of broadcasting true real-time place status across social, local, mobile and digital displays - influencing the consumer in the precise moment of a purchasing decision.