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TradeDress Placesign Pages

TradeDress Placesign Pages

How to TradeDress a Placesign Page

A collection of Placesign Pages can be grouped under a directory. That directory can have a single custom branding we call the TradeDress. The Placesign TradeDress feature allows your branding and trade marks to be overlaid on top of our platform.

Step 1: DNS CNAME Record

First you will need to make some modifications to your Domain Name System (DNS). We will need the following created on your DNS server by your DNS administrator. If you are not the DNS administrator and need assistance to communicate these changes to your DNS administrator please have them contact us directly at advisor@placesign.com.

Create the following DNS CNAME record on your public DNS hosting service.

Name Type Value
{subdomain}.yourdomain.com CNAME pages.placesign.com

{subdomain} Selection

The sub domain choice should be wisely selected with search engine optimization (SEO) properties and search engine results page (SERP) click through rate (CTR) in mind. Contact your Placesign Advisor, advisor@placesign.com, if you would like assistance in selecting optimized sub domain names.

Here are some commonly used sub domains for Placesign Pages,

  • pages.yourdomain.com
  • stores.yourdomain.com
  • venues.yourdomain.com
  • members.yourdomain.com

Step 2: Favicon

The favicon, also known as a shortcut icon, Web site icon, tab icon or bookmark icon can be customized to your branding.

Please email advisor@placesign.com an image of your favicon as an attachment.

Step 3: Directory Provisioning

We will need the following information to complete your Placesign TradeDress.

  • DNS CNAME Record – The DNS record name created for the directory pages.
  • Directory Subtitle – Further control your branding by changing our Placesign directory pages title. This field may be left blank to focus all branding on the client's business.
  • Directory Name - The public name used to represent the owner of the page.
  • Directory Home URL - The URL to land all traffic clicking through the Trade Name.